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Now the University's attorneys are fighting to keep me from finding out how our email is monitored.
at the College of Business at the University of Southern Mississippi*
Dr. Thames:  And at that point in time I gave great consideration to what I would do next.

Q.  What did you do next?

Dr. Thames:  I asked Mr. Hanbury, I authorized him to and Dr. Dvorak to have a discussion with her.  I authorized that our email system be monitored because I wanted to know how deep this matter went and the emails began to be monitored.

Q.     Was the email from Dr. Glamser to, excuse me, from Dr. Stringer to Ms. Scott using the University email system?

Dr. Thames:   Yes, sir it was. ... The emails were monitored and we began to get back information ."

Testimony of Dr. Shelby F. Thames (Emphasis added.)
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Did you know the University keeps no record of your emails?  Once your email passess through the system, it's gone.  The University can't go back and look at your old emails, unless you happen to save them on your hard drive. That's what Homer Coffman, Chief Information Officer for the University says. 

I suspect Mr. Coffman's recent deposition would come as a surprise to Frank Glamser and Gary Stringer.  It certainly isn't what Dr. Thames said under oath during a hearing on his decision to pursue termination proceedings against Drs. Glamser and Stringer.
"I authorized that our email system be monitored ...".