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Star Chamber Mobbing v. Open Review
An educatorís first task is to lift the veils of secrecy and impassioned rhetoric so that everyone can see what is going on and engage in reasoned debate about how to make sense of it. [Paraphrasing Kenneth Westhues, ďAdministrative Mobbing," p. 309.]
This week we exceeded 100,000 hits on USMPride.  Visitors from as far away as Switzerland, England and Australia, as well as most states and Canada have joined us.  I hope each of you have found the experience worthwhile.
Next week, Iíll return to a detailed analysis of the financial problems at USMís Foundation. This week I'll discuss how Star Chamber mobbing is used to silence my request for an open forum.  There are other examples I could use, but since Dr. Doty and his executive team have taken the most restrictive possible view of confidentiality, I'll use information that pertains to me and documents obtained through an open records request.  (Click here for next page.)